.Welcome to Day 246 of the revamped Art Infliction.

Today is exactly eight months since our grand re-launch and it's an eventful day for site news at that, so let's begin.

First up, Permanent Mark Monday has updated, and last week's entry on that page has moved to Inflindication. Plus, the tenses for both Tatturday and Symbolic Sunday have updated.

Today is the end of the thirty third Twitter Tuesday product promo extension. For more information, please go to that page.

Batting A Thousand has underwent one final shake-up, as Waist Deep has been subject to a re-watch.

And finally, the most recent Batting A Thousand page disclaimer has been updated, as both the aforementioned Waist Deep and The Losers have been added to the same category as Stomp The Yard and This Christmas.

Well, that's all for now.

Thank you and until next time, you have tuned into The Nog.